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Things that change once you are diagnosed with herpes

Genital herpes or HSV-2, a sexually transmitted disease that is becoming as common as AIDS, is caused by a virus. This virus affects the most sensitive areas of your body and it has no cure. When you get to know this, it sure is going to crumble down your world and might leave you with no hope at all. But, you should give things time and gain some knowledge about the disease before considering this diagnosis as an end of things.

In USA, there are almost 178 million women who are suffering from HSV-2. The number of HSV-2 positive females is higher than that of males who account to a total of 132 million. It is believed that of every 6 people, at least 1 has this disease. These statistics clearly indicate that genital herpes has become a very common disease and there is no need to turn into an introvert because of it.

The stigma attached with herpes takes over you

Though you know it won’t kill you, yet there is bound to be a change in your feelings that you will experience. You might stop feeling sexy and shy away from interacting with people. There is also a probability that you do not want to indulge in sex at all. Think again, is it that your partner did not feel like kissing you when you had cold and cough? When someone desires you they do not consider your infections and also their desire is not deterred by the presence of sores.
You need to understand that genital herpes affects only your genitals and does not interfere with the rest of your body. You should not get yourself shelled in your cocoon, instead just be extra careful and stay cheerful.

You would have to make some lifestyle changes

You will probably have no or little symptoms and that would include blisters and painful sores. There is a special diet recommended for herpes patients and so to prevent the disease from worsening that should be strictly followed. Following a diet that is nutritious as well as well balanced can effectively control the infection. It has also been suggested that alcohol and caffeine consumption should be limited. Lysine rich food should form the prime part of your diet whereas food rich in arginine should be avoided. The focus should be on eating fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy products are to be avoided so that things stay a little less painful.

The difficulties associated with dating increase manifold

You’d no longer be able to date in a carefree manner as you did earlier. You will always be worried about having ‘the talk’ with a potential partner before taking things further. Rejections would be a part of your life and you’d find people drifting away from you just because you’re infected with a sexually transmitted infection. However, herpes dating site have certainly emerged as a ray of hope to this section of the audience, giving them the opportunity to find a life companion and seek support via a friendly and non – judgmental platform.

Although you’d be forced to make significant changes in your life post a herpes diagnosis, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. Following the aforementioned guidelines and incorporating numerous changes would certainly have a positive impact and help you live like a normal person who isn’t tainted with any STD. Remember, herpes isn’t life – threatening but failure to follow precautions would mean inviting other infections.

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