Older people with herpes. How to make love life better?

There’s no age limitation when it comes to herpes. That sexual disease might affect both young and sexually free people same as older folks who are not that active anymore when it comes to sex adventures. Recent studies have shown that in the past years, the number of patients over 50 years old with herpes increased. It means that whenever your age is if you are sexually active, proper actions shall be done to avoid STDs.

There are few reasons why herpes is still an active topic among older people. Most of the guys over 50 years old and menopause thinks that using condoms, especially with the partners they know, is not a necessary thing. The truth is rather different since STDs has no limitations to be spread especially without protection. Another reason is the stereotype that herpes might occur only young and sexually free people, not an older person who is having sex few times in a year. Both statements are false, and it seems like young people and teens have much better knowledge in this field than older folks.

As the body gets older is getting harder to find out if the patient has herpes or not. For example, HIV virus can cause lack of memory and fatigue. Those are common symptoms for older people just because of their age. Herpes are hard to recognize for patients themselves because they think blisters or problems with memory are natural due to age. Mostly, such symptoms are just ignored by patients and their families and eventually, they find out to have herpes years later when it’s literally too late to get any medical and professional help. This is the reason why older people shall be educated about STDs as well. They have some stigma that herpes can be a problem among young people only.

There’s still a chance for herpes patients if they find out this disease on a proper timing. Doctor’s consultation and proper medical treatment can make a life quality higher, without problems, pain and shame. However, it’s good to mention that once an older person starts herpes treatment, she or he needs to continue this till rest of life. If a patient is really mature, it’s good to keep in touch with close family and remind them about taking pills on a regular basis.

Patients can make their love life better if they keep proper precautions and stay away from sexual activity while sores outbreaks. What’s more unprotected sex is a big no. Doesn’t matter if a person is infected or having sex with someone who might be, a condom is a must in this case. Older people have a tendency not to use condoms because there’s no risk of pregnancy. However, there’s still a risk of herpes as long as you keep sexual activity. Being honest, loving yourself and keep talking openly with a partner are another good remedies to deal with STDs. There’s no shame for having herpes because it might happen to anyone, no matter of age, gender, and religion.

Having herpes as an older person might be more challenging because more precautions need to be made to increase life’s quality. As soon as STDs are being discovered in particular patient’s case, then the chance for having satisfaction love life is better. Older people need to be educated about herpes and there shouldn’t be any excuse for that.