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Why People with Herpes Should Consider Dating People with Different STDs

When you’re living with an STD there is definitely a certain stigma attached to it. So-called healthy people will inevitably view you differently and may even treat you differently. It won’t necessarily be a conscious thing, but it may be something you personally notice very clearly. It doesn’t matter whether you have herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, or some other type of STD-you’re going to have similar experiences. That’s because society doesn’t necessarily distinguish between one STD or another – for many people an STD is an STD. It stands to reason that you’ll have a lot in common with someone with another STD even if they don’t have herpes like you. Here are three reasons that a person living with herpes should consider dating someone with a different type of STD.

#1 They are going through a lot of the same emotions as you. Just like you, a person with a different type of STD was likely devastated when they first found out they’re living with it. They asked the same sort of questions such as how did I get this infection, why did this happen to me, and will I ever be able to date again? They’ll go through the heart ache of having to explain their condition to friends and love ones, and they’ll face the inevitable journey to the doctor to learn how to treat their infection. Chances are they’ll spend a lot of time on the Internet learning about their disease, or they might join support groups to help them cope with living with an STD. These are all things that someone with herpes will also go through. When you’re living through something like this, why would you limit your dating possibilities to exclude people you clearly have a lot in common with?

#2 Perhaps you considered dating someone with a different type of STD other than herpes, but then shied away from this because you were concerned she might catch the second STD. Let’s face it, living with herpes is hard enough, you don’t want to compound your problems by adding another STD on top of it. This is a valid concern, but with proper precautions the chances of this happening are minimal. Practice safe sex, use a condom and avoid high-risk sexual types of behavior. Always maintain good hygiene as well. If you follow these guidelines the chances of you contracting a second STD is very small, but the potential gain from expanding your horizons has the potential to be very rewarding.

#3 When you allow yourself to consider people with different STDs you’re expanding your possibilities exponentially. Even on online dating sites dedicated to people with herpes it may be difficult to find someone that is living in your area. Niche dating sites are great, but they don’t guarantee that you’ll find someone that lives near you. You may have to travel quite far to find the correct match, and for many of us this simply isn’t an option. When you’re willing to consider people with different types of STDs other than herpes the chances that you’ll find a match living nearby you increased significantly. If you want to find happiness you may have to become a little more open-minded.

There’s no doubt that consciously deciding to date someone with an STD that you don’t have takes a little bit of courage. It’s your choice, but if you are willing to consider dating someone with a different type of STD you expand your horizons considerably. Remember, they’re going through a similar journey to you, and they may be able to help you with yours. Make sure you always use proper precautions and safe sex practices and you’ll be alright. Living with an STD is just another hurdle in life that you have to learn to live with. Why not share it with someone that’s on a similar journey?

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