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Dating Tips for Lesbians with herpes

According to statistics, homosexuals are at a greater risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection such as herpes or HIV. It has been observed that sexual interactions between gays and lesbians are risky in comparison with encounters that take place between people of different sexes. It has also been observed that gays and gay girls dating are less likely to use contraception.

There is also a myth that says women who have sex with women aren’t required to test for sexually transmitted infection as the chances of exchange of body fluids is very less. Dating as a lesbian with herpes is tough not because of the fact that you’re a homosexual but due to your STD status. Getting into a relationship involves getting intimate and this is where things tend to get complicated.

Tips for safer sex with a woman

If you’re a woman living with herpes and wish to get into a physical relationship with another woman, the below mentioned tips would certainly help you:

·If you’re using a sex toy, make sure you use a new condom for each partner. It is advised you wash sex toys with a cleansing agent and soap between sessions.

·If either partner has any sores or cuts in the mouth, avoid oral sex altogether. Also read: sex tips for people with oral herpes. Alternatively, you may consider using dental dams. These are made of latex and square in shape. These can be used to cover the genitals while having oral sex.

·Herpes is a kind of infection that spreads through direct physical contact. It is suggested you wash hands before and after sex.

·If you’re a fan of fisting, wear latex gloves and use plenty of lube.

More tips for herpes dating as lesbian.

Vaginal Health

According to research, the vagina is self – cleansing so there is no need to wash inside the vagina. Vaginal soreness and irritation of a vulva is usually caused when you tend to overuse perfumed soaps and shower gels. Nevertheless, the discomfort wouldn’t last for long. In case you feel the irritation for several days, it is advised you visit a doctor and get tested for a sexually transmitted infection.

Dating a girl who doesn’t have herpes

While experts recommend you date a person who is already living with herpes, love often sees no restrictions. When you fall in love with someone who doesn’t have herpes, there is certainly no looking back after this. Leaving your partner would make no sense either. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to gift the STI to your partner, would you? It is essential that you take the first step forward and follow every precaution to ensure she doesn’t get infected.

Following the aforementioned points would certainly help. In addition to that you’d also have to educate your companion about herpes and the health risks that it poses. A lot of people in the world are living a happy and fulfilled life despite having a companion who doesn’t have herpes.