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The girl you loved has herpes – what should you do now?

Genital herpes or HSV-2 is very common among diseases that fall under the category of STDs. It has been found that one out of every four people have herpes in United States with women falling under the majority. This statistics details out that these people belong to the age group of 14-49. The fact that maximum affected population falls is under 50 clearly indicates that HSV-2 has become very common and even infected people can lead a normal life.

If you have recently found out that the girl you loved has herpes then it sure is going to change your outlook but there is no need to panic. First things first, you need to notice the symptoms and there is a possibility that you have no or very mild symptoms. In case you do have doubts or even if you don’t approach for professional help. Your healthcare provider can diagnose the symptoms by simply having a look at the blisters that you develop.

Learn more about herpes

You should be proactive and should take precautionary steps. It is also important that you learn more about what genital herpes is all about. The disease can make you curious about your overall health and sexual relationships. Incomplete information about the disease can create fear and make you apprehensive. It is therefore important to learn about the details and consequences of contradicting the disease.

All she needs is your support

There are a number of facts, like you should be honest and have an open talk with your doctor. Your healthcare provider can help you guide through the symptoms and help you notice the changes that can occur. Through the help of the doctor you can also learn more about what should be your steps and reaction in case you encounter a sexual partner or dating someone with herpes.

Follow precautions in order to avoid getting the infection

To prevent you from contradicting the disease the only way that can be adopted is by not engaging in vaginal, anal or oral sex, (also read: sex tips for women with herpes) as this is a STD. In case you do have a sexual partner with genital herpes, make sure that you are in a long-term relationship and that too a monogamous one. Also just like using condom is important every time you have sex otherwise, in case of a herpes affected partner too latex condom plays an important role. Though it won’t protect you from the disease completely, yet it would lower the chances of getting infected.

Although, the infection causes by the herpes simplex virus isn’t capable of leading to a superinfection the way HIV does, you’re likely to get the virus from your girl, if you fail to follow all the aforementioned precautions. If you don’t want your love life to suffer, it would be better to consult a healthcare provider and begin treatment.