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Dos and don’ts when dating someone with herpes

Have you recently become aware about the fact that the beautiful lady with whom you have always dreamt of going for a date has been affected by herpes virus? Are you wondering whether it will safe for you to go for a date with people with herpes? This is certainly a common question among the people who have not been affected by herpes. Below are discussed some of the precautions that must be considered by while dating your dream partner who has been affected by herpes simplex virus.


1.Gain lots of confidence
This is certainly an important point that you should consider while dating people affected with herpes virus. Since it’s not a deadly disease, you must have the courage and confidence to face the truth and thereby build a good relationship with your partner.

2.Make your partner believe that you are not worried
In order to build a good relationship, it will be wise for you to make your partner believe that you are not at all worried after being aware about the truth. Try to make her believe that she is still the precious and lovable person in the whole world.

3.Gain information about this disease
Before building a strong relationship with your dating partner who has been affected by herpes virus, it will certainly be wise for you to gain detail knowledge about this common disease. Try to determine how this disease may affect you and your relationship in the future.


1.Don’t make fun of her
Since your dating partner has been affected by herpes simplex virus, it does not mean that you have the right to make fun of him / her. Rather make your partner believe that she is certainly a great person with whom you will love to build a good relationship.

2.Don’t get intimate without preventive measure
This is also an important point to consider while dating people with herpes. You should never get intimate with your dating partner without taking preventative measures. Try to gain detail knowledge about precautions that must be considered in order to prevent transmission of the herpes virus.

3.Do not end up an existing relationship
After being aware about your partner’s health condition, it will certainly not be wise to end up the relationship. People with herpes have the right to go for date and thereby enjoy the life in the best possible way.

These are some of the vital points that you should consider while dating your dream partner who has been affected by herpes virus.

Things to remember while dating someone with herpes

One in every six American adults has genital herpes. This figure gives us an idea about how common this sexually transmitted disease is. It is a trigger that makes us work towards slowing down the shame train and accepting those who have it. It is to be taken simply as a sore that hits the infected person below the belt.

1.Be supportive
So your partner just confessed the fact that he has this STD known as genital herpes or HSV-2. You do not need to panic, instead be supportive of your partner’s condition. It is never easy to confront things like these and so when your partner does you should be proud of him or her. The most important thing that your partner is looking for is your dedication and support. The people infected with this disease are already always worried that their partner is going to contradict the disease because of them. It is up to you to make your partner feel confident and stay normal even with the disease.

2.Understand the condition
When you date someone suffering from genital herpes it is essential that you brush up your knowledge about herpes. It is about the number of sexual partners you have had. The fact that it is a sexually transmitted disease and you will definitely get it on having sex with an infected partner is not true. It is about getting exposed to the virus while being physically intimate. Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV is not to be dreaded like HIV (Also there’re dating sites for HIV singles) as people can lead a normal sexual life even after contradicting genital herpes. What matters most is the understanding that you develop with your partner and the knowledge that you acquire about the symptoms.

3.Stay safe
The next important thing that you should be careful about is the fact that you need to stay safe while having sex with the infected sexual partner. Getting intimate with someone you love is obvious but what is to be kept in mind that protection becomes very important. You need to use a condom and abstain from getting intimate without one. Also if your partner has herpes and that too of genital nature then you can make an effort to reduce the chances of contradicting it. The chances of transmission can be lowered by the use of immunity boosters and herpes medication.

There are a lot of myths associated with dating singles with herpes. While it is true that your chances of contracting herpes would increase, following precautions would ensure you stay away from it. It all comes down to the chemistry you share with your companion. If you have a certain level of understanding and know everything about herpes and how it’s transmitted, you wouldn’t have to go through a lot of hardships. On the other hand, ensuring that your partner follows a healthy lifestyle also becomes a responsibility.

The girl you loved has herpes – what should you do now?

Genital herpes or HSV-2 is very common among diseases that fall under the category of STDs. It has been found that one out of every four people have herpes in United States with women falling under the majority. This statistics details out that these people belong to the age group of 14-49. The fact that maximum affected population falls is under 50 clearly indicates that HSV-2 has become very common and even infected people can lead a normal life.

If you have recently found out that the girl you loved has herpes then it sure is going to change your outlook but there is no need to panic. First things first, you need to notice the symptoms and there is a possibility that you have no or very mild symptoms. In case you do have doubts or even if you don’t approach for professional help. Your healthcare provider can diagnose the symptoms by simply having a look at the blisters that you develop.

Learn more about herpes

You should be proactive and should take precautionary steps. It is also important that you learn more about what genital herpes is all about. The disease can make you curious about your overall health and sexual relationships. Incomplete information about the disease can create fear and make you apprehensive. It is therefore important to learn about the details and consequences of contradicting the disease.

All she needs is your support

There are a number of facts, like you should be honest and have an open talk with your doctor. Your healthcare provider can help you guide through the symptoms and help you notice the changes that can occur. Through the help of the doctor you can also learn more about what should be your steps and reaction in case you encounter a sexual partner or dating someone with herpes.

Follow precautions in order to avoid getting the infection

To prevent you from contradicting the disease the only way that can be adopted is by not engaging in vaginal, anal or oral sex, (also read: sex tips for women with herpes) as this is a STD. In case you do have a sexual partner with genital herpes, make sure that you are in a long-term relationship and that too a monogamous one. Also just like using condom is important every time you have sex otherwise, in case of a herpes affected partner too latex condom plays an important role. Though it won’t protect you from the disease completely, yet it would lower the chances of getting infected.

Although, the infection causes by the herpes simplex virus isn’t capable of leading to a superinfection the way HIV does, you’re likely to get the virus from your girl, if you fail to follow all the aforementioned precautions. If you don’t want your love life to suffer, it would be better to consult a healthcare provider and begin treatment.

Things that change once you are diagnosed with herpes

Genital herpes or HSV-2, a sexually transmitted disease that is becoming as common as AIDS, is caused by a virus. This virus affects the most sensitive areas of your body and it has no cure. When you get to know this, it sure is going to crumble down your world and might leave you with no hope at all. But, you should give things time and gain some knowledge about the disease before considering this diagnosis as an end of things.

In USA, there are almost 178 million women who are suffering from HSV-2. The number of HSV-2 positive females is higher than that of males who account to a total of 132 million. It is believed that of every 6 people, at least 1 has this disease. These statistics clearly indicate that genital herpes has become a very common disease and there is no need to turn into an introvert because of it.

The stigma attached with herpes takes over you

Though you know it won’t kill you, yet there is bound to be a change in your feelings that you will experience. You might stop feeling sexy and shy away from interacting with people. There is also a probability that you do not want to indulge in sex at all. Think again, is it that your partner did not feel like kissing you when you had cold and cough? When someone desires you they do not consider your infections and also their desire is not deterred by the presence of sores.
You need to understand that genital herpes affects only your genitals and does not interfere with the rest of your body. You should not get yourself shelled in your cocoon, instead just be extra careful and stay cheerful.

You would have to make some lifestyle changes

You will probably have no or little symptoms and that would include blisters and painful sores. There is a special diet recommended for herpes patients and so to prevent the disease from worsening that should be strictly followed. Following a diet that is nutritious as well as well balanced can effectively control the infection. It has also been suggested that alcohol and caffeine consumption should be limited. Lysine rich food should form the prime part of your diet whereas food rich in arginine should be avoided. The focus should be on eating fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy products are to be avoided so that things stay a little less painful.

The difficulties associated with dating increase manifold

You’d no longer be able to date in a carefree manner as you did earlier. You will always be worried about having ‘the talk’ with a potential partner before taking things further. Rejections would be a part of your life and you’d find people drifting away from you just because you’re infected with a sexually transmitted infection. However, herpes dating site have certainly emerged as a ray of hope to this section of the audience, giving them the opportunity to find a life companion and seek support via a friendly and non – judgmental platform.

Although you’d be forced to make significant changes in your life post a herpes diagnosis, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. Following the aforementioned guidelines and incorporating numerous changes would certainly have a positive impact and help you live like a normal person who isn’t tainted with any STD. Remember, herpes isn’t life – threatening but failure to follow precautions would mean inviting other infections.

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Herpes Dating Websites – the best option for singles with herpes

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a viral infection that affects the genital organs. The infection is permanent as well as contagious. Those affected may remain unaware of it till there is an outbreak of the symptoms. Appearance of blisters or sores around the genital area indicates the outbreak of symptoms.

Informing the dating partner about your herpes

When a person comes to know that he has herpes, he has to inform his date about the same. It is unfair to reveal it after having sex. However, telling about your herpes to your date when you are about to have sex also is not correct. At that juncture, both the partners may fail to take right decision and act responsibly. When a man or woman comes to know that the dating partner has herpes, he or she may use it as a good reason to break the partnership. There are some people who will continue with the friendship but will avoid doing things. There are also people who continue to have sex with the affected partner in spite of the risk.

Online herpes dating
Online herpes dating websites provide the best venues for men and women who are affected by herpes to find their partners and enjoy dating. From these websites the herpes singles are able to find out their dating partners who also have herpes. They can enjoy dating without any fear or discrimination.

A few tips for herpes online dating

Choose a reputed website
People can go through various reviews about the herpes dating sites or google them so as to choose the best herpes dating website for online dating. It is advisable to choose a website that is recommended by many people who are using herpes online websites.
Create profile and attract others

Those who want to start online dating should create an impressive profile as the first step. When the profile is attractive, it is easy to find out suitable date from the website. Similarly, when the profile is unimpressive, there will be little response from the other side.

Profile picture
A good photograph can make the profile outstanding and those who are impressed with the photograph will certainly give a response and one can easily get dating partners of their choice.

Carefully plan your offline dating
Those who could find out a partner from the herpes online website should communicate with him or her by email at least 3 – 4 times before fixing the time for offline dating. One should not get dejected or disappointed even if he may have to send few more emails to start offline dating.

Avoid hasty actions
At the online dating websites one may come across with people of different nature – sincere, genuine, rude, mean, liars, etc. One must be able to identify the bad people so that they can be avoided. One should not be in a hurry to meet his mate offline. He should conduct a lot of research before taking any such decisions.

Be safe while communicating online
While communicating online with the other person, personal contact details should not be given straight away. Only non-work email address should be given and home address or telephone numbers should not be given.

Meet at public place
When you have a new mate for online dating, avoid meeting him or her at your home. It is ideal to meet at public places like parks, restaurants or bars.